ItsHonest.Work Plotting Service - As low as $2USD/plot - ~50 plots/day

I have a machine that I use for video encoding, that sits idle for a good portion of the year, so I’ve turned it into a Chia plotter. I did 12TB of plots for myself for tuning, and have got it to produce ~50 K32 plots/day. I don’t have any interest in filling my basement with hard drives, so I am selling custom plots using your public keys instead.

Right now it’s hardware plotting only (drives mailed back and forth). My upstream is only 40mbits and Comcast will likely delete me if I saturate that 24/7, so no download option. Located in NJ, USA.

Plots start at $2.50, and go down to $2 for 100 or more. I also have some unopened 6TB external drives (WD Essentials) that I would fill for $275 each (drive included, just add shipping). No huge warehouse of drives or abused cloud services, I’m just a guy trying to put some spare CPU cycles to good use.

Can take paypal or BTC. More info at https://www.ItsHonest.Work