Join in AnkrPool to farm Chia right now to enjoy free withdrawal fee for all time

AnkrPool is officially live. Our beta version is only available to a limited number of farmers. No service fee required during the Beta phase and no withdrawal fee for all time. Read the information below to find out how you can become the early farmers to join AnkrPool and what benefits you’ll enjoy:

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0 fee required to join in AnkrPool right now.
Early farmers in Ankrpool can get a subsitudy and enjoy 0 withdrawal fee for a lifetime.
Got any questions ? Please feel free to contact us in our Discord group
Discord: AnkrPool for Chia

Aren’t you guys supporting the pool protocol?

How can you offer free withdrawals for all time? Right now it works cause gas is 0 (so all pools should be offering free withdrawals) but what if gas rises to say $10 for a payout? Will you still offer free withdrawals?

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We offer free withdrawals all time only for the farmers who join in to the pool now, which is in the pool Beta phase.

We surely suport it…