[Join Venture] Plotting my 10 PB Storage

Do you use ramdisk for plotting?
Do your plotter idle now?

If both yes i have very interesting proposal for you guys

So i have some huge online storage, more than 10 PB, i will farm on it, but i have a problem, i am lack of speed to fill it, so here i am asking you, to join venture with me , i am provide storage and farming, and you are doing the plot part

You might ask, how do you know you are not cheating me? Thats not a problem. i will farm using your plot, yes we will use your plot. i will farm the plot thats way i will not knows your private keys. i will handle farming and storage , you are handling plotting, thats why, neither of us can get benefit from this without consent of the other

The split ratio is: (lets take example of 1 PB storage with revenue as the date of now is about $1800/PB/Month)

Cost of maintenance farming and storage = $170
Total left = 1800-170 = $1630
Split between us 50%:50% = each of us will get = $815

And since the split is every week it will more like =
Cost of maintenance farming and storage = $42.5
Split between us 50%:50% = each of us will get = $203.75

If you interested pls dont hesitate to PM me :smiley:

To be clear, I’m not remotely interested in this. But what you are saying makes no sense. How do you think you will farm plots that this person makes without knowing the keys? I don’t see any way to do this. Either they make plots with your keys, or they give you their keys to farm with.

Yes its possible, and i know the way to do that :slight_smile:

This smells scammy.

I agree with WolfGT that I do not see a way to make this happen in a secure way.

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Great. maybe you can explain this magical method to the rest of the community.


well i am not like someone who dont have any track history, you can view my post, that i already make 2 thread for plotting service, and quite popular i think :wink:

well i only can promise you i will never ask your private key, you will knows if i keep my promise or not if you join my join venture :smiley:

Yes, which is why this sounds very very fishy. Sooooo, you have the capacity to offer this awesome plotting service, but yet don’t have the plotting capability to fill your own storage. Uh, ok. That sounds right.


Because plotting give me instant profit, even if i am use my plotter machine that i use for my plotting service, its need some very long time to fill the space

Could you let me know how you plan to farm without knowing the keys of the plots ?
And also any minimum space for which can tie up
For plotting ?

Minimum space, is there is none, for now. ok since many member ask how i can farm without need to knows their keys, because i plan to farm using hpool, you only give me mining software so there is no ways i know your private keys


I’m interested in the Proposal. How are we going to proceed?

Based on my upload speed, I can provide 40-45 plots a day. Not sure about how using hpool can make it work, but it’s worth trying. I wouldn’t mind more details

you still need the keys to sign the transaction…so what you’re proposing won’t work.

what do you mean?? care to elaborate more?
i already try to farm in PC with only hpool mining software and its work

Hi thank you for your interest. pls check your PM. i sent the detail there :smiley:

Hi thank you for your interest. pls check your PM, i sent the detail there :smiley:

Hpool uses the keys stored on your system to sign the transactions. If you don’t have everyone’s keys for their plots it won’t work. And nobody should be handing over their keys to you.

Well seems you knows alot about hpool

how about if i give you my hpool api key , and looks if you can have my private keys from that. ofc if you are success to get my private key i will give reward $100 for your dedication to chia community

Hey Goodwill! Why don’t you just tell people? this 10 PB of data, consist of you spamming Google Drive accounts?

i already tell them its on my online storage, and i believe many people can read it properly, not like someone who think online storage is local hdd.

just search a bit “online storage” on google, i just dont know how someone dumb enough cant separate online storage and local hdd

Wonder if amazon can shipped “online storage” delivered to my address, LOL