[Joint Venture] XCH Farming Partnership (ROI 100% in a month)

You seriously make such an elaborate scam to steal 25 x 20 USD?
Don’t you have anything better to do… :upside_down_face:

Don’t worry… scam NOT in progress… I believe everybody is having fun slamming that scammer just for fun. Nobody falling for that :smiley:

Do you even know what a merchant account is at Paypal ? It’s far from FREE

Screenshot of some orders received and paid through paypal from non EU-Customers (USA in this case) at my biz account at paypal.

Screenshot (65)

Now if an EU-customer for my biz account that’s better, as there is no FEE then

Screenshot (67)

So I honestly wonder even if you calculated this even in as you want to provide a ‘partnership’/receive money through paypal only. Nevertheless I doubt you even have a merchant/biz account at Paypal.

Also note that non tangible products as what is in your case sold through paypal services will make it more difficult for customers to open a dispute, but if plenty your paypal account will be frozen superfast.

And why not XLM, DGB, TRX heck or even DOGE or any other crypto that is way cheaper in transaction fees ? oh got it … not as easy to cash out as with paypal …

Note: I believe you used the wrong community forum, I encountered a lot of people here way smarter than me… scamming them or attempting to will be a fail at this community

Do you even know what a merchant account is at Paypal ? It’s far from FREE

well tbh i dont really knows regarding merchant account, i just think if payment using G&S have same protection as payment into merchant account

And why not XLM, DGB, TRX heck or even DOGE or any other crypto that is way cheaper in transaction fees ? oh got it … not as easy to cash out as with paypal …

Payment using Paypal or Crypto. already mention it on my first post

Tbh i more happy to receive crypto than paypal

It’s not the payment mechanism that makes this unwise (although if you did want to take PayPal payments, you’d be wise yourself to set up some kind of presence beyond a forum post), the payment mechanism just makes something that already seems sketchy even more sketchy.

From the hints you’ve given you will take the partners cash, use it to buy a Google Drive storage package that claims to offer unlimited storage - however, you’ll almost certainly find it difficult to make use of that ‘unlimited storage’ for Chia farming, it’s not designed or marketed as being for that, and Google will inevitably and quickly put up barriers to you and everyone else doing that, most likely once you get to some threshold size.

If you disagree, invest some of your own money - get up to even 1PB without running into limits in Google Drive, if it’s profitable then the money’s all yours - otherwise you’re asking for others money for an experiment - if you didn’t think it was risky you’d already be doing it yourself.

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Time to do more homework I guess, at this stage it all points out that you attempt to scam people.

Do you even have a verified paypal account ? If not afaik you are limited to a $ 750 receive/send/withdraw if not verified.

And even if verified as ‘non biz’ account you are limited in usage.

A verified biz (merchant account) requires a lot more than a personal account. eg the requirement of adding even a sales tax as your VAT/TAX no etc …

And even then …

Ok no issue for me …

But as what I underlined in red, they require a LOT of information to be able to lift limits.

Note: There are also escrow services but by the looks of it you want the money to be able to pay what you offer … so an escrow which would protect the people is a no go also for you by the looks of it, you don’t have the money to invest personally.

Edit: You might check this topic at this forum https://chiaforum.com/t/google-driver-error/12525/2

Nice reply and had to point to another thread on this forum where you replied also :wink:

It’s funny how this guy tries and replies while everything points out as … scam attempt even if not …

I believe everybody is having fun slamming that scammer just for fun. Nobody falling for that

Thats good if you guys have fun here , i am also having fun here too , cant wait 2 months from now :smiley:

Edit: You might check this topic at this forum https://chiaforum.com

Dude what are you doing, why you link the thread here, now anyone knows about my partnership

Btw anyone knows how to remove this thread, ?? i want to remove my thread if possible

So you exposed yourself by having multiple accounts ? Why else would you like to have this thread removed as I linked to another one where the OP is a different nickname…

So in short ? If you are not a scammer why do you need multiple nicknames on this forum ?

you really make me facepalm , :man_facepalming:

Who said that the OP there is me?? when you post link that thread here, this thread will shows up in that thread, that ways it will attract more people here, do you understand ??

same grammar, spelling mistakes, same topic more or less … looking to get an ‘enterprise level package’, ‘unlimited storage’, etc …

Give it up, pay from your own money and lets then talk or see you cry when allmighty Google nerved you as what is happening already by the looks of it on that specific topic.

Next the jump from a biz google drive to an enterprise level is even more than exponential, so don’t think you only will have to pay a $25-50/month , see what an AWS costs at Amazon for instance eg a TRX node is easy a 50k for a CSR/year. (CSR = Candidate Super Representative)

eg Bitguild which is a SR at the Tron Blockchain

System Configuration:

  • Operating System - CENTOS 7.5
  • System Type - AWS EC2 Instance
  • CPUs - 64 CPU cores
  • RAM - 144 GB
  • SSD - 7T(EBS)
  • Network Bandwidth - 20Gbps

Has a budget of a $60,000 for the above as full node through Amazon AWS


Drive for Enterprise subscribers will need to pay $1 per 25GB of storage used (according PC mag)

So 2.5TB is already +$100/month … Fail again Unlimited with a price tag

But… this isn’t what ROI means…
100% ROI over 1 month (as you claim) means I invest $1000, and by the end of the month I have $2000. What you are saying, I just get my $1000 back, is 0% ROI. So, apart from the reasonably meagre farming rewards, this should really be titled [Joint Venture] XCH Farming Partnership (ROI 0% in a month).

This is obviously a scam, nobody gets their money back in Chia in a month

Sorry Mercurial, you are incorrect.

ROI means, “Return on Investment”. If you invest $10 you get ROI when you earn $10 back. Once you have achieved ROI, then you are into profit.

You do not need to double your money to achieve ROI.

Irregardless, nobody makes ROI in a month. If they could, it’s probably criminal, and they sure as heck would not be inviting others to join in their super money maker, illegal or not.

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I think you might be misunderstanding what I’m saying here. ROI is defined as:
(Final value of investment - Initial Value of investment)/Cost of investment. This is expressed as a percentage. Therefore, if I invest $100 in a stock, I immediately lose $100 from my bank. If, at the end of the month, I am able to sell the stock back for exactly $100, then the final - initial value of my investment is $0. In that case, I have made no ROI. That is, I have received no extra money for the money I put in - I just got my original amount back.
If I put in $100 and the stock doubles, I will be able to withdraw $200. Therefore, final - initial value will be $100. This is 100% ROI.
In Goodwill’s post that I’m replying to, he appears to say that I will give him $1000, and by the end of the month I will have received back my $1000. Not received $1000 on top of the $1000 I already put in, but he is just literally giving me my money back. You can see after this, mehdital asks him if he means he will give back $2000 (because that is 100% ROI - 100% ROI means double your original investment). He says no: after 76 days, you will only have received back $1430, which is $430 more than the amount you put in at the start. Therefore, in over two months, you have only made $430 in profit. This is not 100% ROI. This is 16% ROI per month.
I am not saying you need to double your money to earn any ROI. I am saying you need to double your money to earn 100% ROI. What Goodwill claims here is not 100% ROI, it is 0% ROI (or 16% ROI if you include farming rewards), because you only earn $170 in farming profit each month.
So: in summary, 100% ROI does not mean you get 100% of the initial investment back. It means you get double the investment back. 0% ROI means you get the original investment back, nothing more, nothing less, and negative ROI means you get less back than you originally put in. Hope that clears it up!


The dictionary defines ROI correctly. You can check for yourself.

isn’t what you are talking about “break even”? Or at least call it 100% ROI

According to the Investopedia article @mehdital posted, you are incorrect. Here is a quote from the article:

For example, suppose Jo invested $1,000 in Slice Pizza Corp. in 2017 and sold the shares for a total of $1,200 one year later. To calculate the return on this investment, divide the net profits ($1,200 - $1,000 = $200) by the investment cost ($1,000), for a ROI of $200/$1,000, or 20%.

Off the top of my head, I was on your side. But I guess I was wrong too. According to this, 100% ROI is doubling your initial investment.

Simply said, 16%/month is exactly what a HYIP scam is

I strongly doubt anyone will ever see their money back that goes for this so called partnership

Note: (not geared to you I reply to)

Still a bit baffled that a lot of people don’t understand what ROI is, it tells exactly what it is Return On Investment … so 100% ROI is turning $100 into $200 and sell -afaik- and let nobody confuse me :stuck_out_tongue:

APY , APR is even more fancy … hey 16% APY … on your investment for the next 3 months … ouch that’s … well peanuts