June 15 2021 - AMA - Plotting speed and security in Chia

For those who want to attend, here’s the Zoom link, and the Youtube stream link (I’ll replace the youtube link here with the recording when it’s available).

So, I only caught the last 10 minutes of it. The only things of interest that I heard was:

  • ASIC miners/farmers are not going to happen because it would only take a very small change to make the ones developed obsolete. So nobody would go through the cost of developing one knowing that all there work would be immediately void.

  • K32 plots will be good for a long long time.

  • Pooling protocol will be release “Very Soon”.

Can someone that listened to the whole thing let us know what else was said?

They said that the last live stream I heard (not this one but one prior). They keep repeating themselves over and over that plotting will come out “very soon”.

I did not see this stream but did they still talk about once they announce the release of pooling, pools will have 3 days to be ready? Why 3 days? Could have any number of days to be ready now that pooling is in alpha testing anyways.

They only briefly mentioned pooling this stream.
The 3 days you are referring to was not the time pools have to get ready per se, but last stream they said that after they think everything is ready, bugs fixed etc, they want it to run 3 days without incident before releasing it to mainnet.

I didn’t watch everything but the summary of OP is pretty much the important stuff.
They elaborated a lot about the economics of grinding attacks and why it really doesn’t make sense. And then even if it could be made profitable, then they still have some big nobs to turn like the plot filter that can suddenly increase the cost of that by a large factor.

Another point to note: Bram said very clearly that they will be supporting forks and other crypto wanting to switch to PoST, and they just released a tweak that will make it possible to farm your Chia plots on multiple chains at once, also with the new “pool” plots

I still don’t comprehend the whole 3 days part. They could have said 4 or 5 days. Maybe they could have gotten everything 100% and announced a release date that wasn’t 3 days out. They don’t need 3 days to test pooling once pools are operational prior to going live because they should be doing that already and all I should know and care about is the date set for pooling to begin and which pool I want to join.

The 3 days comment was referring to the testnet. What they would like to see is when they release the pooling update to the testnet, they would like to get to the point that it is having zero issues (on the testnet) before they are ready to put out the update to the public.

Makes sense to me.

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Also mentioned was that the reason for having a plot filter is to accommodate the slow seek times of spinning hard drives. After 2026, the cost per TB is expected to be cheaper for SSDs than HDDs, so it is likely that most plotting will occur on SSDs from then on. There is no need for a plot filter if you’re only running SSDs.

If someone does manage to create a ridiculously fast ASIC a few years from now, the Chia team could phase out the plot filter entirely, meaning that a 10 second phase 1 time would only allow you to emulate a single plot.

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