Just 2 questions

Hello guys,
first question , i cant join chia keysbase, its said “i sended you join request” but they never accept me. i wait around a week and keybase adress chia public lol thats really not public.

second question,
did you test new wallet i just wondering k32 plot size. its still 101 gb ? or its going to smaller ?

thank you so much!

Download the windows app or mobile app and join. I signed up on windows first then mobile.

Install Keybase

Due to an increased volume of trolls and troublemakers, the Keybase is currently set to an approval mode, where either a community mod or Chia Network team member needs to manually approve folks.

In theory, if you have at least one keybase “proof” linked, you would be accepted within hours if not minutes of applying. In the event that you have no proofs linked to your profile, you SHOULD have gotten a message saying your approval was being held pending doing so. We currently require one of the support kb proofs (Twitter, Reddit, github, etc) to be linked to your account OR for you to DM a mod for private identity verification.

Note that we do not require public disclosure of your true identity, simply a link to an online identity of SOME kind. We do require at least one linked verification of a pseudonymity by way of a linked profile (it could be a pseudonymous reddit account, twitter profile, etc).