Just a resume for "old" newcomers

I was in chia from the beginning and then moved elsewhere.
I’m thinking to rebuild a medium farm. I read a lot of news about compression, bladebit, ram plotting, gpu suppah fast plotting…etc…etc…
Can we have a recap?

  1. GPU plotting is real?
  2. Compressed plot too?
  3. In my house I have both… 256 ram, 5950x, 3090 gpus around (all consumer hardware, not server). If someone want to start today what’s the best way to go? (hardware & software)
  4. Newcomers you can add your question :slight_smile:

Thanks all

  1. Yes, but not out yet in the wild yet for Chia (soon) (Madmax’s version right now can make plots but only for his own chain MMX) Both he and Chia are working to release versions for Chia plots.

  2. Yes, kind of the same as above and other plotters will soon support it (like the regular CPU plotters).

  3. To make full use of a GPU’s speed, you need 256 GB of ram. So that’s kinda tricky on consumer hardware
    ->a 3060ti can do plots in 3 minutes, so a 3090 will be overkill, you will run into other bottlenecks.

The plotter from Madmax will have support for hybrid modes with 128GB and 64GB + ssd’s, but it will be slower than all in ram.

What size in Medium?

So practically is not the right time to start building something in Chia. You will need to replot everything with compression.
Thanks. I will follow the updates…

Medium is not less than 1 peta :slight_smile:

yeah good summary :joy: wait a month, lot more should be known

nm, Max just release his stuff :rofl:

So wait a month+ is just for Chia’s own version

ok then the weekend is now planned :smiley:

omg! Just in time. Max probably waiting for me… thanks :+1: :+1:

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