Just moved into a new office

So at work we are moving into a new office this weekend. I was there today for the handover of all the IT stuff in the building.
Turns out there is a climate controlled server room that was build when people still had servers.
Since everybody uses cloud services now, all that’s left in the server room is a few switches and routers.

So now I have access to at least 60U of empty, climate controlled rack space…hmmm tempting :sweat_smile:


Is your climate control guaranteed?

Will someone notice that they are cooling a room that does not need to be cooled, and save your company $$ by having the A/C for that room turned off?

By the way, not everyone uses cloud services.
Companies that understand privacy and security will not hand over their trade secrets, databases, customer lists, payroll files, etc, to third parties.

Large companies will maintain their own equivalent of cloud storage. They will also do their own backups to LTO media, and store those tapes off-site, with a vendor such as Iron Mountain.

Cloud services are convenient for the general public, and even countless businesses (especially those that do not understand the privacy and security risks).

The only way I would use cloud based storage is if my data contained nothing personal and was of zero value to others, or if I used strong encryption, locally, and uploaded only my (already) encrypted files to the strangers that will hold copies of my data.

well it was more about the feeling of walking in there and seeing all that empty rack space than an actual plan.
First problem: I don’t have the money to fill that much space with harddisks :sweat_smile:

Other than that, I could easily make a deal for the power. In any case I don’t think anyone will notice the extra power draw among the charging points for electric cars, forklifts and the cooling system for the warehouse (the building’s main fuse is 3 x 630A, 400V)

I hear ya about cloud storage, I have a Nas with Raid myself but still seems most people are very comfortable storing their stuff on someone else’s computer(s). (also using silly passwords, no 2FA and unencrypted access cards :exploding_head:

I used to work for a huge company (the Chairman of its Board of Directors is worth over $30,000,000,000.00).

In my building, no one would notice if another huge A/C unit was turned on. But if a regional director inspected the site, and walked into an empty room that was being cooled, then it would be an issue.

So it all depends on the level of scrutiny of the personnel, as well as the percentage of juice being used in the building.

We used to plug in space heaters all over the place (because they could not control the temperature, room by room). So the office space got chilled the same as the computer room. And no one blinked at the numerous space heaters that were running nearly 24/7, even throughout the summer.

I wish I had your access to such a room. Being able to run Chia with no impact on my electric bill would be great! And also not taking up space in my home.

And you are correct about people using silly passwords, etc.
They learn their lesson only after an avoidable tragedy strikes.

Like a child that runs into the street, and luckily never gets hit by a car, he thinks that it is safe to run into the street – until the day he gets hit.


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If you would not be paying for electricity, and was given a free room, ASIC mining would be much more space efficient :slight_smile:

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So someone might walk into this empty room and decide that it doesn’t need to be cooled, or, even worse, all those empty racks need to be removed? Hmm… you may have stumbled upon the solution to this problem…