Just shucked my first Western Digital Elements drive using this guide

Was a nice simple process, took about 5 minutes. A jimmy tool is key! I had one from ordering a macbook disassembly tools kit a few years back.


Yeah I’ve gotten pretty good at shucking. You want a nice metal prybar with a thin edge. Not my idea of a good time, and the waste bothers me, but… what are you gonna do… the $ savings are undeniable.


I just shucked my first WD drive last night! And with my iFixit tools :heart_eyes:


Did you face any issues with 3.3V pin while putting into enclosure?

I had the 3.3v issue on one of the 2 that I shucked. So one went internal and the other got reassembled and is just remaining an external since I didn’t have any kapton tape to mask off pin 3. The other one is working great in the system.

The more interesting part is that when I shucked the drives, one of these 12TB drives was actually a 14TB model in the case. I wish there was a way to flash the drive BIOS and unlock the other 2 TB but oh well. I got these 12TB drives on sale for $199 so no complaints here.

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Is there something against just using it as a external hdd to farm?

No, but it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the more drives you have. I bought a few Sabrent 5 bay USB 3.2 enclosures. They are SO nice. The USB to SATA adapter boards come in super handy for other projects. Neat little side benefit.


You’ll also use 1/5 of the electricity when farming as well using the Sabrent yes?

Do you recommend that one?


Absolutely recommend! It’s a little pricey but it’s all metal, you can stack them, and they daisy chain the USB-C connector.

Thanks for this. I’m going to move forward and purchase one of these.

I’m also getting some plots done on a service so the drives will be coming in ‘full’ of plots. Will I be able to just slide the drives in and it will just ‘work’? I don’t want to have to reformat the drives and lose the plots basically.

You’ll have to add the plot directory. Assuming the key matches, they will sync up and be farming.

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I dunno … w/r/t these docking stations, honestly you are better off using cheaper (but not too cheap; get a quality USB interface chipset) individual drive connectors and a quality powered USB hub.

$249 for 5 drives is still $50 per drive! I guess it depends how large you plan your farm to eventually be.

And as much as the JMicron chipset in the WD shucked enclosures is terrible (it is)… it’s effectively free… so if it works “good enough”, then that’s $0 additional cost per drive.

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I’m a fan of these Yottamaster enclosures so far because they’re only $110 each, and they actually look really nice/mac-like:

there’s a space management aspect that is appealing, too. Nearly bought one of your NASes, but I couldn’t justify it. I’m not likely going to outgrow the bays in my computer as a micro farmer, heh.

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How many of these devices can you daisy-chain together?

I imagine the limit all depends on your CPU/chipset/board/OS? These enclosures are not the most cost effective solution. I do like them though and despite the price I am happy with them. They look good too lol.

it gets more and more handy after I shucked 20-30 disk…
Later it only took me 3-5 seconds to complete the task of shuck it up from the shell…
But it also means we gave up the warranty as well…
so not recommend for doing it any more…

Also I have problem linking to an NAS with around 150T of plots and the time is too long over 5 seconds and there is nothing I could do to optimize it but to move the HDDs to another machine for having farming /harvester structure…

so DO NOT link you main farmer to a NAS with too many plots…!!!

I did read somewhere that ppl were successful to registered the hdd’s inside via the manufacturers website for warranty but haven’t tried myself

Thanks, really usefull guide.