Just to be clear, solo OG plot farmers will experience a decrease in winnings with an increase in compressed Netspace?

Do we need a new time-to-win calculator?

I’m 1500 TiB and my wins just dropped off a cliff…

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Yes, it’s a competition.

No need for a new calculator.

Stil the same.
Your space/netspace= win %

The effective netspace is just getting bigger.

Over the last six month netspace has increased by 40% or so

welcome to the club, every of solo miners (doesnt matter OG or NFT Plots) experiences the same issue since may/june. it has nothing to do with netspace at all.

Doesn’t make sense! If I can increase my winning percentage by 25% through compression, even though I’m using the same exact amount of space…with a fixed amount of Chia blocks each day Chia is a zero-sum game.

ok, yes sorry I need to be a bit clearer on that point.

The total netspace reported is a calculated value based on proofs received. In a basic version (assuming everyone uses k32 plots) it is the number of k32 plots * the size of a standard (non-compressed) K32 plot.

So for the netspace calculation, it does not matter how much space your K32 plot takes on your disk.
It is counted as 101.30 GiB for the netspace calculation. This is a bit weird now because of the compression but there is no other way to do it.

So now we are talking about GiB (raw) and GiBe (effective, which means K32 * 101.30)

So for your winnings it’s GiBe / Netspace (netspace is always “effective”)

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Maybe an easier way to think about is is this:

A netspace of 30 EiB, means there are 317.988.694,20 K32 plots farming

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Ugh. To replot, or not to replot. I dislike this question…

Seriously, though, thanks for taking the time. Makes sense.


if difficulty increases, rewards drop.

I used to be on space.pool, we lost rewards since Nov 2022…no extra 4-6 blocks per month or 1-1.5XCH extra.

Switched to solo farming, my rewards increased by 1 XCH on the same HW…if you have at least 700TiB…go solo, pools are fishy as always.

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