Just updated my Chia App today and received my first two XCH and less than an hour later

So I just updated my Chia App today and received my first two XCH and less than an hour later.
This can’t be a coincidence. I have been mining for about 6 months now with about 344 plots and nothing. Then I upgraded my app and BAM I get two XCH. Please help me understand how this happened.

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I’ve been working for 6 months with no rewards and and hour after I update I receive two XCH. That’s got to be about a million to one chance.


I switched from solo farming to pooling a few weeks back after no win with >2x expected time to win. Two hours later, I hit a block. Must be a sign that shifting from solo to pool makes you win a block? Eh, no.

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Yeah, my previous version didn’t have pool mining. And I saw that was available in the new version I installed. But I figured I have been solo mining this whole time, might as well keep doing it on my own

Yeah, if you have the patience to let it run for a very long time, you might get a slightly better return vs. pooling. But it can also be quite frustrating when you have a unlucky streak (think going without a win for ~3x your expected time to win). You might start to question your setup - is something wrong? etc. Of course, you might also be very lucky and win more often vs. expected.

In my experience though, pooling is nice since I don’t worry about my setup anymore. Rewards comes nice and steady and I can see asap if something is wrong with my setup. That’s why I have chosen to pool instead of going solo like I did before.

I totally agree about that, It was really concerning me that I had not received any rewards at all but the app said it would take about 6 then 7 then 8 months to receive a reward. Today I decided to see if there was an upgrade to the app and there was. I installed it and saw there was now pooling available and then shortly after saw 1.25XCH and .75XCH appear in my account. Maybe coincidence maybe a good software update!

Congratz on your luck and that’s what it was!

It had nothing to do with the update.

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I’d try and keep it updated.
When I view my logs I often see, invalid handshake, maybe node is running old software.
This leads me to believe connections may get rejected if your on to old a version.

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