Just went over 1 EiB total network space

Looks like we crossed the Exabyte threshold just now!


Anyone wanna take guesses on how the growth rate is gonna progress?

Clearly the current growth can’t possibly be sustainable for more than a few weeks - it’s been looking like 10% daily or more lately, which would make us bigger than the entire worldwide datacenter storage capacity in under 3 months - but I have no gut feeling for how sharp it’ll go yet or when it’ll start to flatten.

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My guess is we’ll better know after a couple weeks after May 3rd. I’m predicting it won’t price as high as people though leaving the network space to take a short hit. I’m honestly still not entirely convinced, but it was a fun to play for a bit. If not kinda expensive, lol.

Yeah, same here, very expensive game, with 0 results till now. It’s a big possibility that the netspace will drop instantly if the launch price of chia will be less than 200$, cos that will mean 0 profit for low and medium farmers.
Anyways, i am sure that the big plotter with 1 third of the netspace having some relations with chia devs and if the coin doesn’t go for more than 50$, than i will be more than happy to see him falling from the tree.

It ain’t no decentralized service with only 1 man having a third of the netspace.

i share your concerns about failed decentralization, but this is not one person, it is a chinese unofficial pool with thousands of individual farmers

Well, it’s even worse, when the one holding the pool will flee, everything will to 0 cos of the lack of trust and reliability.

Just how do you expect them to sell off tens of thousands of stolen XCH before people catch on and price and volume crash / exchanges halt orders / their exchange accounts get banned / the authorities get involved?

It would not be a smart play for HPool to try to rip off their users.

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You forgot this is crypto i guess

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Already added another 100+ petabytes in the past 18 hours! Yikes!!!

It’s over 2EiB now…1EiB is old news!

So it doubled in 6 days.


so much for my theory, ha. I wake up every day with my estimated time growing by a day or two, lol. I think I might stop now if I knew for sure pool plotting was happening in a couple weeks. No sense in killing my TBW for my micro farm.

Just crossed the 3 exabyte threshold.


The old good days are coming back with that huge net space increase. Soon we’ll push to the limit all hard drive companies and especially in the next 2 months.

Same here but pools are coming for sure I guess and I just slow down with the plotting. The real challenge will be the hunt for hard drives. I like the idea about smaller size pool plots or the possibilities for changing the regular plots in the future.

Over 4 exabyte now, showing no signs of slowing down.

Elon just announced that he is dumping Bitcoin due to environmental issues, this could get Chia even more attention.


I’m convinced Elon is just trying to dump and pump BTC.

But damn, 4 EiB… I’m a weee bit concerned at how fast this is growing. Seems insane. It’s literally been only 2 weeks since crossing 1 EiB…


Well, how are the prices of HDD and SSD in Your countries?
Here Poland, and I see that:

  • my hdd’s I bought 2 weeks ago now are worth around 150% of investment
  • my ssd’s I bought week ago are now worth around 140%

How does it looks like on Your side?

technically, mine are worth much less because I shucked them and the warranties are invalid now :slight_smile: And who wants to buy a highly used SSD/NMVe drive…

I see, but hdd works fine imo, what about them?