K32 gone soon..... How the f... they gonna know this?

Hey all, how it is possible that this pool says k32 will be soon gone? Where the f… they get this info? Can´t find anything about it. Maybe some of you got some infos for me?
Just poping up, like an ad: Home

Since the chia team just had a webinar about two weeks ago and said that k32 is in no danger of going anywhere anytime soon, I would say that this pool is full of shit. And the fact that they would post such false information would make me look elsewhere.


Thanks for your answer, just thought it was false infos but has to ask it, maybe i had some brainlags about the news :wink:

Where are they saying this?

If you click on the link he provided in the original post, this ad pops up on the page. Read the text at the bottom.

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lol, I am so programmed to click away popups I didn’t even see what it said :joy: