K33 & K34 - Temp 1 & 2 sizes?

Hi. I see that madmax can now plot k33 and k34. I use an old server with lots of ram (and room for more) so looking to see if ramdisk plotting k33 or k34 is feasible with my setup.

Does anybody know what the temp 1 and temp 2 sizes are for k33 qnd k34?
I can only find the total/combimed temp sizes (Like k32 combined is 239GB but temp1 is actually only 118GB). Thanks.

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sorry, I dont know it by heart. But I have asked the same question in the past. You might find it in the forum search. Otherwise I can research it

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No no its fine. I’ll hunt for it. At least now i know its here somewhere. Thanks for the offer though! - Cant beat the chia community.

K-size Temp. Size Final Size
K=32 239 GiB (256.6 GB) 101.4 GiB (108.9 GB)
K=33 512 GiB (550 GB) 208.8 GiB (224.2 GB)
K=34 1041 GiB (1118 GB) 429.8 GiB (461.5 GB)
K=35 2175 GiB (2335 GB) 884.1 GiB (949.3 GB)

→ rough estimation

answer unfortunately is not so simple, depending on a lot of stuff such as if you want to utilize ramdisk for temp 1 & 2 or just the most intense phase

maybe s1 can give better info, as im not concerned with plotting speed anymore. I let my rigs plot at their speed.

My thought is I could probably boost my system (dell r720) to 768G RAM. Make a 512G ramdisk for temp 1 and 8x 2.5 SSDs in Raid 0 for temp 2.
Might not be the fastest plotter ever but should pump out K34’s without burning through loads of NVMEs.
Theres a 3 year warranty on the 2.5 SSDs and they’re cheap enough. NVME’s are a pain to fit into a R720.

Was also thinking I could create a second smaller Ramdisk to use as a cache to reduce the use of the SSD array ?

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I think consumer grade SATA SSD does not work well on R720 SAS interface. Maybe look for SAS SSD, 300GB a piece or so, used, on ebay.

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I have 3 dell servers atm. An r620, r720 and r820. All have consumer 2.5 SSDs with no issues (thus far). The r820 is split into several raid arrays for running over 24 VMs each with their own dedicated space and its been fine. There’s been several bios updates for ssd compatability over the years.

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