K36 plot completion

4 days, 19½ hours later…

…and I am the proud owner of a k36 plot. :open_mouth:


Now go back it up with


I have no floppy disks.

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Radio Shack :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Outstanding :face_with_monocle:.



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If I had enough RAM, I would attempt a K37 plot.

During the K36 job, my RAM usage went above 50 GB (and I had nothing else running – nothing else installed other than Chia).

I have 64 GB of RAM.
So a K37 seems to be out of reach.

I am not going to venture into using virtual memory.

And that ends my expedition into the land of plot climbing. :nerd_face:

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yeah man uve just pwned it

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Should I a temp a K38???

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what are your hardware specs ?

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

The two main reasons why the job took so long are:

  1. Using Chia’s standard plotter. I know of no other way to create plots larger than K34.
    If madmax was capable of creating K36 plots, and if I had enough NVMe space, my guess is that the job would have taken approximately 20 hours with my hardware.

  2. I used a Seagate Exos mechanical drive for the temp work, as I have no SSDs with enough space for plots over K34.

By the way, in an earlier comment, I had written that my RAM usage exceeded 50 GB. It actually exceed 60 GB (96% usage).

So anyone with 64 GB of RAM can create a K36, it would seem.
It is, however, counter productive, as you get less bang for the buck as the “K” size increases (and it also takes half of forever to complete a plot).

I did so, just for the heck of it.
I am down to my last few drives. I will not be purchasing any more drives. So I figured I’d give it a whirl.

Tip 4u: If u ever replot…or change allegiance… get another 64GB of memory…it will reward u for little $$$…also of course Bladebit is always the answer 4 certain (tiny) k sizes (but u no that) :hugs:!

U are brave (or :scream: just crazy) doing that k36. Big question: Will it ever pass the filter :rofl: ??? … or win ???


@Fuzeguy I would like to get a 64 core Threadripper Pro, with 2 TB of RAM (create K34 plots with bladebit).
It would probably be very power hungry, even when idle.

But it would be a beast of a plotter, or even for playing minesweeper.

that make sense :slight_smile: original sw is very slow.

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