Keybase chat is unconvenient

Hello everyone,

I’m a Chia farmer since 480 days now, and I’m really enjoying my farming experience.

I would like to launch my own project in the next future, and I would like to get more active in the community to get some help during the development, and some exposure later once everything will be set up.

I know the main place for the community is Keybase, even if I find the chat app quite inconvenient, I prefer this forum, but I don’t get if here I can get the same people I can find in keybase?

I would like to ask you guys if there is some “official” discord channel or telegram that in my opinion are faster and more intuitive than keybase for direct chat.

Thanks for your attention.

We in this forum are a bunch of folks that are farmers and tinkerers that can try and help you out with a problem. The folks in Keybase are supposed to be the cooks in the kitchen. You just have to see you helps you the most by asking both places.


Thanks for the clarification.

So even if keybase app is not the best in my opinion there are no alternatives to get in touch with the “cooks”.

Are you a farmer yourself @drhicom ?

Yes I am, I have been running chia on some machines for awhile, farmers /harvester and even test the beta releases on a Windows VMware workstation setup to see if it runs before you put it on a running setup. ( So I have tinkering for some time and learning every day. )

This mornings beta version


There are several communities and places where you can ask for help

  • Here in the forum
  • Most pools have a discord
  • Most Exchanges and explorers (eg. Spacescan etc) have their own discords.

General/Mainstream questions:
I have had mixed luck on these discords…
I think your best bet for average questions (how to use this or that function of the client, how to build a farming setup etc.) is here.

Quick clarifications / uncertainties / undocumented areas
If you have tricky questions which aren’t documented or because you poke around in areas which are uncommon (smart contract writing, creating your own coin, …) Keybase is still the way to go, because thats where the Devs usually hang around.
But yeah. I agree. Its cumbersome. I rarely use it either.

Bugs and bigger issues which require investigation from the devs
And lastly, if you encounter really tricky questions or bugs, the official github is the place to open up a bugreport (rather than appealing here)


I agree, keybase is a pain. I gave up on it a long time ago. It is just not easy to keep up with. Even if you step away from it for an hour, you are lost on any conversation going on and would have to read a hundred posts to even get a grasp on what answers were provided. And most of the time still not have an answer. I think a thread based approach is so much better. Or even if they broke it up into more specific channels like most do on discord. But the way they have it on keybase is so broad, you just get lost in multiple random discussions. But anyway, good luck!


Thanks everyone for your attention, really appreciated!

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What type of project are you planning on working on?