Kiyoshi welcome message

Hi all,
I m New on this forum and on the chia world.

I have a server HPE proliant 4540 with 2 SSD disque of 2 To
60 x 3To SAS Disk
And 2 cpu xeon E5-2400
256 Go RAM
What do you think of that ?

I ask myself a lot of questions at the moment like: does it need more SSD for plot.

Thank you

Hi Kyoshi34, welcome!

I have a lot of questions

  • Are you a member of the Kyoshi warriors?
  • Why do you use o instead of B (Go/GB and To/TB)
  • which e5-2400 do you have
  • what kind of ssd do you use

That’s a lotta RAM

That’s pretty nice to have

The e5-2400 series aren’t very fast cpu’s, with 12 cores/24 threads 2 x 2TB SSD’s should be enough, but it also depends a bit on the ssd type.

Assuming you got this at a nice price, I think it’s a nice budget setup

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Hi Voodoo
I m not Ă  membre of the kiyoshi warriors. I like this first name.
I m french and Go is GB sorry

256GB it s too large ?
I ask because i can reduce to improve my electricity consumption.

The disk spec is HP 1.92TB 6G SATA MU-3 SFF SC SSD
I can increase to 4 disk for temporary space and OS
But what type of RAID ? 5 10 ?

I do not yet know the exact processor model, I will look at it today.

It s a free configuration because its obsolète configuration for my work.

He drop this server on garbagge.

Sorry for my english and thank you for your time :slight_smile:

If you can squeeze another 8-16 gb in there you could plot off a RamDisk.

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It s a good idea :slight_smile:

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Yes Ramdisk is a pretty good idea actually if the ram is free anyway :slight_smile:

A Sata disk cannot plot many plots at the same time, I think MAX 3 so you might need at least one more disk as temp space.

For RAID, just use RAID0 for temp drives. Or no Raid at all.
Final storage, don’t use raid

okok fair enough :laughing: