Lack of Incentives to run Timelord and Bluebox Timelords

I realize that only one valid Timelord is actually needed for block creation, and leaving it on by default ensures there will be plenty of submits from the thousands (eventually millions) of clients. If someone dedicated some resources for an attack with faster, and considerably more regular Timelords (since no one is actually incentivized to run it or build it…), could this be a valid attack? Chia Network mentions building tools to run on purpose built hardware (ASIC like or “$250 PCIe”) but why would anyone bother other than hubris or charity?

What about the Bluebox Timelords that are compressing the blockchain? It seems that these provide a benefit to the state of the blockchain and require dedicated resources, something that is not currently being incentivized.

Funny thing happened… plenty of people are running timelords without the incentives :slight_smile:
So the system works. Also there is a reason not to reward them, but reward the farmers only.

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That is my question…what is that reason? The network just doesn’t need to and never will in the future despite advancements in hardware (even purpose built hardware built with no monetary incentives)?