Large lot of 4TB and 2TB drives, 1PB total, 3£ per TB

I am selling lot of:

100 x 4TB HGST disk drives
300 x 2TB HGST disk drives

Total 1PB, all in bulk for 3.000£. Only selling as one purchase/order, no bargains, delivery only to your doorstep in Uk, not selling abroad (unless you come to collect).

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I can’t see anybody buying these for Chia, it’s just not economically viable to run such small drives, especially in the UK. Then there is the heat, and noise.


Sure makes sense… I have also 12TB and 14TB ones for 8£ per TB. Only orders with 20+ drives


Hi, I’m interested in buying everything. Add me on WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram +37060728892 (LTU)