Large quantity of 14TB HDDs + Free JBODs


14TB HDDS (ST14000NM0288) price is $95 each($6.78/TB) in sets of 84x with a free JBOD.
84BAY JBOD (5147-084) - 5x FANS, 2x PSU, RACKMOUNT(rails included)

HDDs are all at 100% health with ~1100 days of power-on time. These have NOT been used for chia in the past. I am willing to provide free shipping in the US if the destination has a freight entrance. Small fee for a residential delivery where a lift gate is needed. I am willing to ship internationally, please reach out for a quote. I can provide discounts for purchases of 1000x+ HDDs.

Please reach out with questions, thanks!


Do you provide some warranty with drives? Can we have chat? Skype?

What brand drives? And model?
How much warranty left?
How much for residential delivery of 84 drives and 1jbod?
How many available?
What were these used for before?


In those pictures it looks like those are actually 5U, not 4U.

Where are you located? Difficult to transport it. How much does to send to Sydney one unit full?

This is a very heavy Storage, I have one. The problem is expensive parts…

22.23 cm (8.8 inches)
48.26 cm (19 inches)
Depth (front mounting bracket to rear surface)
91.44 cm (36 inches)
Depth (front surface to rear surface)
96 cm (38 inches)
Weight (maximum configuration)
130.1 kg (287 lb)
Weight without drives
62.1 kg (137 lb)

you are correct, this was my mistake.

Yes, that is all correct, I am located in Minnesota, US. Send my a PM with your Zip code and I can get a shipping quote for you.

Seagate: ST14000NM0288
there is no manufacture’s warranty left, I can offer a 30 day warranty personally and offer free drives for larger purchases as spares
I have a large quantity available, 55 JBODs and 5000 HDDs
They were used in a cloud environment

Residential Delivery costs about $150

I am willing to ship an empty JBOD with the purchase for spares

How heavy is one of these? I live in the Twin Cities, so I’m just wondering if it’s possible for me to pick 1 up personally in my vehicle and haul it myself.

I would plan on about 300lbs fully loaded, we can put the HDDs in boxes and that would make it doable. I am in Eden Prairie.

Would take me 28hours to drive to Minnesota from South Florida :joy: :joy: :joy:

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You could get the added bonus of making a snowman though, tough to put a price on that

  1. Do you know how much power just that JBOD has?
  2. Have you monitored HD temps?
  3. How noisy is that box / those fans?
  4. are those 80mm or 9xmm fans?

I am unsure of the Power draw on the JBOD
I have not monitored HD temps on it
It is pretty noisy when it boots up, but is pretty quiet when idling
fans are 80MM

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What is the shipping company to be used? To Texas residential?

It would be FedEx, $150 for a lift gate

Hey, I am interested in purchasing a good amount of drives. Whats you’re preferred way of communicating?

Hi Luke, Can you DM Me?

Thank you.