Large quantity of 14TB HDDs + Free JBODs

1- I have no idea.
2- No. But It is automatic. The unit control speed of the fans.
3- Less than 23ºC ambient, works silent, looks like a big fan. If the temperature is over 25ºC the fans will speed up to control the internal temperature. And over 30ºC ambient, the fans will turn on max speed and it looks like an airplane’s turbine.
If you live in a hot area, I recommend you install air conditioning or not by this unit.
4- External 80


Thank you. Great info.

Hey SmokoTime.

Can you shed some light on this unit?
I’m curious how many watts does one of them use.

  1. At peak when ramping up.
  2. At Idle/Farming Chia when fully loaded with drives.

Also Did someone ask about the noise level?


I answered this question before. But it uses a 15A power cable at 240V. To each power module.

Luke… Plz check Skype… Or now you are SmokoTime? :slight_smile:

Hi Lukerinho please DM me, I would be interested on some HDD sent to Puebla, Mexico, let’s look at the price to define the volume. Gracias!

Are you able to schedule pickup? pay in cash

Hey, we could probably work something out

please dm me, thanks…

Interested, but can’t figure out how to DM here. Can you list a contact?

Just click on the name.

@lukerhino Would you be willing to sell smaller amounts, like 8? I just signed up so I can’t DM you but i bet i can reply to one…

that was the first thing I tried. No option to connect directly. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been on here long. @lukerhino please give me some clues as to how I can find you in the real world.

@lukerhino can you dm me? interested in buying. many thanks

Wanna buy jbox with full hdd, contact me.

@lukerhino I’d like to buy a jbox with full HDD, please contact me.

Thanks everyone for all the interest! Still have a few of these left if you were considering!

yeah I think you need to have some activity on the forum before you can dm anyone

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are these still available?

Yes, I still have quite a few available