Leave Hpool for solo and rejoin?

I want to know is it safe to leave Hpool and start solo farming for awhile (change the new receive wallet), if later it does not work out well, do I allowed to re-join Hpool again? Do they ban id once leaving or plot becomes invalid for their system? Has someone got any experience about this?

I can’t see why it would be a problem. It wouldn’t make sense for them to try to invalidate your plots or ban your account. it is in their best interest to try to win you (your plots) back. Also, I don’t see why you need to change your receive wallet. You should have already setup a separate wallet aside from your farm already… Your keys should be safely stored on your hard drive… Just do a chia keys show --show-mnemonic-seed and you’ll see them safely there…

Purposely facetious…

yes but you sign up to hpool with a hash based on your key, generated by their own software. So there is a possibility they have the key those plots where made with.
So that’s why you should, as a precaution, set another receive address for those plots when you start solo mining with them again.

As far as leaving in rejoining, yeah see no problem there. Don’t see any reason why they would ban you.

They would have the key those plots were made with, you give it to them in the form of a signature hash based on your mnemonic phrase.

You can not change your farm key, that would render your plots invalid. From the start, no one should ever send their reward to the same keys as their farm, hpool or not.

The Chia software is nowhere near being more secure than hpool, Chia is full of security flaws. If I can find your IP address, it takes one simple and very intuitive command to find your keys.

I pulled in a separate internet connection specifically for my farm… my farm sends the reward to a wallet that is never logged into nor synced on the same network.

Is the hpool software malicious? Only they know but, I’d hazard a guess that if an American created hpool, these conversations wouldn’t be happening…

I’ve been mining crypto for longer than I’d like to admit and this is the first time I’ve seen such blatant bias compared to what is coming from the Chia dev team. Who runs my ETH pool? I don’t know, I just use a VPN… Who writes my mining software? I don’t know, I just trust I get paid… If I don’t… I change things.

The Chia Dev team left huge holes, holes that need to be filled. Pooling, security, network stability, etc…
Blockchain isn’t about ownership, it’s about community.

But to get back to your question… I think you will be fine moving from hpool to solo farming and back to hpool

I just looked up this word, your post makes more sense now :sweat_smile:

Agreed there is a lack of healthy distrust in this regard.

But the bias toward Hpool is justified to some extend. Closed source software asking for your private keys makes people understandably nervous. Combine that with the fact the numerous problems they are having and the fact that the rewards are 20% lower than what they should be…
On the other hand, yes the China bias is definitely there.

Do you mean a VPN or a second physical connection with the same or a different provide? For example a coax cable internet connection and a fiber optic cable?

I tried to get the software synced using a VPN, but it doesn’t work.

I have physical internet connections, plural.

There is a dedicated fiber connection specifically for my worker network (the mines) and a separate fiber connection for internet use and such

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this might be because the vpn is not allowing the the 8444 port connection. If you can open it in the VPN settings it might work (haven tried it myself but was just thinking about it)