Leaving copies in the temp drive after copying plots?

Hello I am running Chia Blockchain V1.1.5. I am using the GUI at the moment, I am very new. I have seperate drives for Temp and Final drives. At the end of creating a plot or many, it copies the plots to Final drive but it leaves same copies in the Temp drive as well. I could not find a setting to have it only keep the copies at the Final drive. Is this possible, or do we have to manually empty the temp drive each time?

I am using a 2TB NVME m.2 drive as a Temp Drive and 8TB HDD for the Final Drive.

Normal operation it does not leave anything behind in temp. You probably have some old temp files left over from an aborted plot. Make sure you don’t have any active plots going and go into the temp and remove all of the remaining files before starting new plots.


You are correct!!! Problem solved, thank you.

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