Ledger Hardware Wallet - Chia Support - Action Needed!

With the recent scams and malware stealing XCH from wallets, I think it is critical that we have options of how to store our hard won Chia in hardware wallets off of our live farming rigs.

Yes we have the convoluted ways of creating secondary wallets on offline machines, but that is way too much overhead and complexity and people are likely to make mistakes :slight_smile:

Please vote on this issue request for Chia Support on the Ledger hardware wallet platform. They would need a Chia App on the ledger device at minimum.

With that in place, we could set our reward address to the Chia app associated with the keys on the hardware device reducing our risk (have to monitor the key is not changed on the farming rig).

Please go here to comment and vote for support:

If you are in crypto for the long haul, get your private keys off of online devices. There are plenty of hardware wallet solutions out there now and it is super easy to setup to protect yourself. We just need to support newer coins like Chia, etc.


They locked the thread. You can’t post comments anymore.

If you want Ledger to support Chia, shouldn’t you be taking that up with Ledger? https://www.reddit.com/r/ledgerwallet/

The link in the OP is for LedgerHQ on github. And the link you posted contains a reddit entry corresponding to this one asking people to post to the github entry along with a discussion about Chia support.

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github isn’t the right forum for such requests, hence the closed ticket.

Uh, github is exactly where you should make a request like that. That is where you point out bugs or request features. Now maybe inviting everyone there to post comments was the wrong step, I agree with that. That is why they didn’t close the ticket (because it is a legit feature request), they just paused comments for 24 days.

I dunno if github is or is not the right place.
Twitter seems like a good place to start though, nice and public

Twitter, Reddit, Facebook … are all places to go bitch and wine about stuff. If you want an official request, Github is the place. Like I said, making the request there was good, but then the OP tried to turn it into some sort of petition. That was the wrong step. Github is not the place for that.

Last year I spoke to ledger about adding a coin - there are 2 methods.
Ledger Live - this is the best imho, but requires ledger to write code etc.

The second method is to use ledger to manage the keys. This requires work from the coin devs. I can’t find the documentation right now, but it used to be on the ledger site somewhere. If I remember correctly the coin devs write the code, then submit to ledger for approval to be added.

If you scroll thru the ledger repos there are docker images for the app builder and boiler plate examples for apps to be built.

I think the issue right now will be that Ledger has apps for bigger coins to work on, and the Chia devs are a bit busy.