Lets make a game for chia

Two people geting machand the first person saying im cheating get unlimitade power in a fighet between them

Lets donate to theonepiece.wallet
To found it . I will transfer the addres when the first game company reach 2m russian rubal baget and contract to 5 years of work

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And lets forget about the carbon coin and luanch a coin will minted at afix of110% of the company that do what we want (for a green stuff)
110 of her report expancen. And people could buy it ! I mean not only people ! Most charity are not united . If we can get the big companys working for better our lives and make profit . Its much more like the chia way right ? I mean yesterday i toor apart like 5 hdds and kept the gold! Just becuse it trasfared chia at a time! Lol no i dont farm