Let's Rejuvenate Block Compaction!

Six or Seven months ago, we were running at almost 100% block compaction. Then it seems most of the participants lost interest. Now we are about to drop below 80% compaction. This isn’t something that will get done all by itself and it helps all of us!. If you have some extra processing power sitting around, fire up a bluebox timelord and contribute to the effort.

Here is some information on how to do it: Running a Bluebox Timelord [SpaceFarmers.io Wiki]

If you need assistance, stop into the spacefarmers.io discord and check out the timelords channel. (and join the pool if you are looking for a home)

Here is where we currently stand.


Seems like chia creators should have thought about this… :rofl:

My farm is off right now, definitely can’t even try to compactify

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Upvoting this, some compression can’t hurt :slight_smile:

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