Let's say im in chives

Where should i start, how to install software, what should i plot k29, k30, k31 etc


If you have enough RAM or a fast NVMe plotting drive, my suggestion is to try K-30 or K-31 plots. The reason for this is that if using K-29 plots then there are many of them (hundreds, thousands) and this can lead to more HDD seek operations per hour on average when farming, which might be uncomfortable if the HDD is a louder model.

I see, is 64Gb enough to plot k31? Where to start? I don’t even know how and what must i install.

32 GB RAM is enough for plotting K-29 with MadMax where --tmpdir2 is a ramdisk. 64 GB should be enough for plotting K-29 entirely in RAM (both --tmpdir and --tmpdir2 point to a ramdisk directory). I don’t know much about the memory requirements of K-30/31 plots, but it is likely that K-30 can be plotted using 64 GB of RAM with --tmpdir2 pointing to a ramdisk.

Chives is a hardfork of Chia, with some modifications to Chia’s source code. Thus, the installation procedure and GUI are basically the same as the original Chia. Chives doesn’t support pooling.

Pass --port 9699 argument to MadMax plotter to avoid a warning message.

Installation files, build instructions: Releases · HiveProject2021/chives-blockchain · GitHub

Exchange: https://chivescoin.net

Profitability calculator: https://chiaforkscalculator.com/chives

i don’t understand. Does it mean that chia software must be installed first? What the hell, if this is so perspective coin why there is no clear tutorial of how to install.

Chives has its own blockchain that is completely separate from Chia’s blockchain. Chia data directory on a farming machine is ~/.chia in Linux, while Chives data directory is ~/.chives.