Lets Start Talking About Proest

Hello guys,
i know that blog is not looking good but its just start.
lets read and talk about protest! time is come!
you can find protest twitter and telegram adress in the blog. if you cant find follow links.
someone can send same post on reddit please? Because i cant!


Lol, Laughing my ass of.

Just read through those comments on protest-xch. Sorry but what a load of crap.

Seriously Chia deserves better FUD than that


Not sure if that’s serious or just trolling?

If you want to be taken seriously write a readable blog (design, ortigraphy, small / large case, grammar, punctuation).


If you think you can double spend coins, please send me some, it wont cost you anything if theyre double spends will it?

If they hit my wallet ill be very very surprised!


Um, WTF!? (for 20 characters, I’ll be over here “Proest’ ing”.)


Thank you! I needed a good laugh :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Looking at GPU/ASIC power & cooling requirements vs my Chia farm and yes you are correct Chia is a lot higher LOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

What are your demands ? 1M$ and a chopper ?

keep smiling and doing nothing.
chia $20, I keep cursing you and bram.
I am still trying my luck for chia but unfortunately you are very ignorant and know very little about blockchain.

That doesn’t seem worthwhile.

Lol, it seems that neither do you. Why “try your luck” now? Just buy Chia instead. If the price goes back up to where you want, you’ll have a nice return without the hassle of farming and waiting.

Estimated time to win is at least 3-4 times longer than what the GUI shows, so, I hope you’ve got a giant farm running. Good luck!

I like proest on toast