Letsfarm.io zero-fee lifetime offer

Since our offer is only up for the next 4 weeks, we’d like to take the chance and let more people know about it.

If you join the letsfarm.io pool and plot at least 25 TiB until October 8, 2021 you are eligible for the zero-fee lifetime offer. As long as you don’t leave the pool you’ll stay at a fee of 0% forever.

How does this rule interact with leaving the pool temporarily?

Unfortunately in that case you’d lose the benefit if you leave after October 8, 2021. It’s supposed to be an incentive for people to join and stay at the pool. Out of curiosity what would be a reason for you to leave the pool temporarily?

What would be the reason for me to stay with any particular pool for multiple years without interruptions? The world is constantly changing.

Several pools offer some kind of loyalty bonus, such as this promotion or offering a reduction of pool fees after you have been farming on the pool for some time.

The world is constantly changing, you are correct. But pools aren’t, and they’re probably not going to. They are all quite similar. Similar enough that I plan to stick with one for the long haul, one day I dream of sitting back and putting XCH farming on the back burner and (hopefully) I will have found a pool I trust enough that I can just forget about it for a while, allowing me to divert my attention to literally anything else that is more important than nitpicking details of Chia pool promotions in this ever-changing world of ours.