LF Plotter and plot Buyer

Freelance plotting service on launch of new plot format

Am planning to consolidate a group of plotters who is willing to provide plotting power.
Foresee a spike in plotting demand in the future when the new plot format becomes live.
Would like to organize plots as a service.
Aim to able manage plot about 50 to 100 tib per day as a collective.
Will figure how much total group plotting power and create a schedule daily and organize order accordingly

Min requirement to be a freelancer.

  • Your system able to min 5 tib a day comfortably (10 tb and above preferred)
    -To at least have an estimate of 10 or 20 tb final plot space to be on a rolling basis (in case network upload is needed/method to be finalized)
    -Prefered if able to freelance the first 2week of the release of the new protocol
    -Will take a 10% cut from whatever business sent your way

If acceptable, please send us the following detail via discord - Ivanooze#3233
Your Keybase id -
Your setup rough TIB a day -
Screenshot of your HWinfo64 -
Screenshot of log /swir / plotman that validate your system plot per day
will discuss more once the info is received

For those who intend to purchase plot from us (Your HDD ) .
Please fill up the following form https://forms.gle/vVV63KBCtWqngeNj8
So we can consolidate and sort the orders accordingly.
Please will prices may not be the same as per current rates due to everybody will be in the rush to plot the new format upon launch.
We will be in touch once the new protocol is live. Please ensure you have enough hdd space to receive the plots. Will finalize once (me and plotter) figure the best way of transfer of ownership