[likely scammer] Soft Chia plot analyzer DO NOT DOWNLOAD

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I think we all decided it was silly at best to assume someone could pick lucky lotto tickets out of a pile, or malware at worst last time you posted this.


Murmicro has made two postings on this forum. Both are for the same “CHIA PLOT ANALYZER”.

She joined 22 days ago.
At that time, her first post was about watching a youtube video that directs you to download her malware.

She was asked questions by people on this forum, in her first attempt to scam people. She answered no questions.

Now she is back, for attempt number two, figuring that no one would notice that she is new to this forum (22 days new).

I have flagged her post to warn people.

She is fishing to be banned.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

No. The rules are not like that.
You can make offers to beginners. Offers of help are always welcome.

However, your question is yet another attempt to give credibility to your scam, by pretending that your software is an offer to help beginners.

You never answered a single question, from your first post in this forum, from 28 days ago, when you made your first attempt to scam Chia users. And now you are pretending to be the victim.

You seem to be tech savoy, and social engineering-ly clueless.

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Do you have real evidence that this is malware, or is it just slander based on your paranoid speculation?

Joining this forum, yesterday, under a new name (or having a friend do so) will not help your case, @Murmicro.

In the off chance that you and @Murmicro are not related, then show your “real” evidence of my being paranoid.

I will not repeat what you chose to not read.
In @Murmicro initial posting, the answer to your not subtle question was answered.

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My question to you is where were you a month ago and did you have another username since it shows you just joined 1 day ago? How long have you been making plots and farming? And which software are you using?

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It’s me who is murmicro, they blocked me so that I couldn’t defend myself from your slander, only on the basis that I’m new, and I don’t appear on the forum because I don’t know English, and it makes no sense to read your forum through Google translate, chia I’ve been mining since 2020, if you’re interested, though I only mined 11 coins ))

here is my farm working with my program (supposedly a virus) :rofl:

I wrote it for myself, because manually searching for empty rafts is very long and dreary, it doesn’t have any network functions at all and there is no advertising, it’s a classic program like in the 90s for a computer, now no one does it at all, and you took it slandered even though they did not see

are you so paranoid? how do you live in general? Do you install software from app stores? What if there are viruses? :dizzy_face:
Do you even leave the house, what if you get hit by a car?

haven’t you heard the saying
“A coward won’t play hockey”

I wrote it for myself, because manually searching for empty plot is very long and dreary, it doesn’t have any network functions at all and there is no advertising, it’s a classic program like in the 90s for a computer, now no one does it at all, and you took it slandered even though they did not see

By trying to sell your plot analyzing and plot correcting software to this English speaking forum, then it does make sense for you to converse in English – whether that be through google’s translation tool, a friend, or your own grasp of English (I am not sold on you not speaking English – likely another excuse to avoid answering any questions about your software).

If your issue truthfully is that you have trouble understanding English questions, and answering in English, the time to have brought that up was when you made your initial posting to sell your software.

Instead, you remained silent. Now you return under a new name, and posted a question as if you were someone else. That does not bode well for your credibility.

In your initial posting of your software, you wrote that it is “new”, while your link to your youtube video was a year old.

We see deception with you around every corner.

The rest of your questions, quoted below, are an attempt at gaslighting and an attempt to take the focus away from you still never answering a single question from your initial posting.

You probably worked hard on your tool, and figured that with your video showing all kinds of activity and how it betters your chances of winning, accompanied by a musical tune, that enough gullible people in this forum would run your closed source executables on their Chia boxes. And how it hurts to have been stopped from seeing your plan fall flat.

This link is from your initial attempt to have people download malware:

Reply with anything you want.
I will not be engaging you any longer.

Scams come here to die.

In short, you decided that I’m selling the virus, is that very smart? Why don’t you complain to Microsoft, or are you afraid that they will ridicule you there? But I didn’t answer on your forum because I wrote and forgot, it was within the framework of an advertising campaign for my product, I don’t even remember where I wrote what and on what forums, I’ll remember everything, so I apologize if I wrote it a second time, on your forum the light didn’t converge like a wedge, I’m mostly on YouTube, and no one wrote anything to me there, so I didn’t think that someone was interested and you were waiting for me here all this time, how did I know this ??

It looks like you have a very bloated CHSV, since you ask why I didn’t write on this forum, but I saw it only once in my life, who needs a forum at all now, over there on YouTube where the video is, I’m waiting for questions about the program, but right there nothing one name :grin:

I just wrote here so that people go to YouTube and if they are interested, they would have asked in detail there, I will still run around all the forums where I wrote ads to answer questions, what else can I do ??

Here Chia herself is not needed by anyone, but you are talking about the forum, don’t make people laugh

I also wrote a virus for it, if I write it for bitcoin, I wrote the program just because Chia costs nothing and mines slowly, I wanted to at least slightly increase the chances of winning, and not to slip the virus on you for $ 5 :rofl:

too many emojis, nobody’s buying this :farmer:

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Good , no problems )

It’s because of people like this admin Chia that nothing costs, he probably disperses all newcomers, and also bans them using his paranoid deduction, the same to me Sherlock Holmes, that’s why no one needs Chia, it’s already cheaper than garbage, a toxic community

ivan_dulin is our man

By the way, are you also afraid of viruses from the microsoft store? If you believe in Ratio and are not afraid of viruses, then I can give you a promotional code since you can’t buy anything from Russia anymore, test the program and tell me what’s wrong and maybe what sentences in your native language I would like to discuss

This is from the official documentation, if it didn’t make any sense, why did they do it, maybe there is a sense?


Command: chia plots check -n [num checks] -l -g [substring]

First, this looks in all plot directories from your config.yaml. You can check those directories with chia plots show. This command will check whether plots are valid given the plot’s associated keys and your machine’s stored Chia keys, as well as test the plot with challenges to identify found plots vs. expected number of plots.

-g check only plots with directory or file name containing case-sensitive [substring]. If -g isn’t specified all plots in every plot directory in your config.yaml will be checked.

Examples for using -g

  • Check plots within a long directory name like /mnt/chia/DriveA can use chia plots check -g DriveA
  • Check only k33 plots can use chia plots check -g k33
  • Check plots created on October 31, 2020 can use chia plots check -g 2020-10-31

-l allows you to find duplicate plots by ID. It checks all plot directories listed in config.yaml and lists out any plot filenames with the same filename ending; *-[64 char plot ID].plot. You should use -l -n 0 if you only want to check for duplicates.

-n represents the number of challenges given. If you don’t include an -n integer, the default is 30. For instance, if -n is 30, then 30 challenges will be given to each plot. The challenges count from 5 (minimum) to -n, and are not random.

Each plot will take each challenge and:

  • Get the quality for the challenge (Is there a proof of space? You should expect 1 proof per challenge, but there may be 0 or more than 1.)
  • Get the full proof(s) for the challenge if a proof was present
  • Validate that the # of full proofs matches the # of expected quality proofs.

Finally, you’ll see a report the final true proofs vs. expected proofs.

Therefore, if -n is 20, you would expect 20 proofs, but your plot may have more or fewer.

Running the command with -n 10 or -n 20 is good for a very minor check, but won’t actually give you much information about if the plots are actually high-quality or not.

Consider using -n 30 to get a statistically better idea.

For more detail, you can read about the DiskProver commands in chiapos

What does the ratio of full proofs vs expected proofs mean?

  • If the ratio is >1, your plot was relatively lucky for this run of challenges.
  • If the ratio is <1, your plot was relatively unlucky.
    • This shouldn’t really concern you unless your ratio is <0.70 # If so, do a more thorough chia plots check by increasing your -n

The plots check challenge is a static challenge. For example if you run a plots check 20 times, with 30 tries against the same file, it will produce the same result every time. So while you may see a plot ratio << 1 for a plot check with x number of tries, it does not mean that the plot itself is worthless. It just means that given these static challenges, the plot is producing however many proofs. As the number of tries (-n) increases, we would expect the ratio to not be << 1. Since Mainnet is live, and given that the blockchain has new challenges with every signage point - just because a plot is having a bad time with one specific challenge, does not mean it has the same results versus another challenge. “Number of plots” and “k-size” are much more influential factors at winning blocks than “proofs produced per challenge”.

In theory , a plot with a ratio >> 1 would be more likely to win challenges on the blockchain. Likewise, a plot with a ratio << 1 would be less likely to win. However, in practice, this isn’t actually going to be noticeable. Therefore, don’t worry if your plot check ratios are less than 1, unless they’re significantly less than 1 for many -n.


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