Link to site that is NOT Raptoreum to a download that sets off Anti Virus. Beware

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Thanks for the tips appreciated

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And of course it’s a lot more profitable to mine raptoreum if your not running the full node at the same time :slight_smile:

PS: mined raptoreum early on wish I didn’t stop.


Btw people report problems when they mine directly to some exchange wallet. So if you do not want to run the node all day, just install the node, get and address, backup the wallet and leave it be.

Given the currently rising number of CPUs mining the RTM crypto-currency, it is unlikely that Ryzen 5950X will be able to generate 100 €/month. And if it will manage to generate such revenue, then the market price of that CPU will increase above 1000€.

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True. Profitability will go down if more miners join RTM. We witnessed that with Chia first hand. However, if prices increase, profits go up again. Lower profits will also drive short-term orientied miners out of business. I see RTM primarily as a nice way to use the CPU in my Chia mining rigs, which I already have, to make some extra cash. If everything should stay equal I would make 240 Euro in next 30 days with all my PCs at home. That’s pretty ok.

OK, just looked at

First link “Free Mining App” doesnt work.
When I Download the CPU-Miner, Chrome blocks it as malware, which it has never done before.

Thank you, but No.

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why raptoreummining thou? why not directly download from

best download is from github so you’ll get the latest release. points there also.
why raptoreummining?


the download from github is ok. your website indicates malware. dude, seriously?


I was worried about this too - website seems too…clean lol. It obviously isn’t the original project’s website. @Chia.Switzerland, noticed you haven’t posted since July before this post. Is that really you lol?? I hate to flag this post but I do worry that this link is malicious!

1 Like links to Releases · WyvernTKC/cpuminer-gr-avx2 · GitHub, where the download is also blocked on my machine.

This miner is fine, it’s no virus.
This is normal behavior when trying to download any cpu/gpu miner these days.
2 tips before downloading:

  • make a separate folder for the miner and disable scans for this folder in the AV
  • download with Edge. (Chrome and FF will give you malicious link)

Happy mining!

??? And I suppose you haven’t heard of something called energy costs.

Do you think the extra cpu usage won’t massively impact any profit when electricity is factored?
Wake up

so is it possible to mine directly to an exchange, I think so…
also wich is the best fairly exchange?
there are not many…
and don’t looks very trustfull?
so wich exhange for this crypto???

Nothing is free!?! I quit.

Before mining a coin, look at the network difficulty and network difficulty trend.

Quick and fast rule: If you are jumping into a new coin because of a recent price spike, so is everyone else.

It may be worth it if you have idle hardware.

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Ignore this New User telling you to turn your AV off for this program and that this is normal behavior.

This looks more and more like a scam!

The official raptoreum website has their software available for download. The link posted above are NOT to the official raptoreum software.

Raptoreum looks real though I do not vouch for it, but this thread is trying to get you to install something else altogether. It is malicious as they want you to turn off your anti virus.

Do not be taken in by these schmucks.

Oh I may be new here, but I do not intend any harm.
Some SO users may know me: User whosrdaddy - Stack Overflow
I just want to point out that if you want to download any miner (lolminer, nbminer, etc…) microsoft and google will make your life hard because these opensource things have been misused in many scams causing them to be flagged falsely as a virus…

“opensource things” flagged as having virus’s in them are flagged because they contain virus’s.

You are a menace with your false claims.

Why did you not just provide a link to the official site? Why would we we download from your link instead?

ok, whatever goes for you.
You clearly don’t know how AV Heuristics work
Back to lurking the forum now…

The link above is to an easily detected Trojan.

I downloaded both the wallet and CPU miner from the real Raptoreum website links and scanned both for virus’s. They were both clean.

I respond badly to peeps who tell others to install virus laden software.

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