Linux - any option for same logging as on Windows Chia GUI

Hey guys!

I made a small script for myself that reads out the logs that the Windows Chia GUI creates for each plot - now i switched over to linux (CentOS) with all my machines and cant find the option for the same type of logs.

Im using plotng from maded (great tool from him!) for the automation, but would love the same logging like windows does it with a log file for each plot. Am i missing a setting somewhere?
Already searched through all folders with “find”

Would really appreciate any help!

Greetings :slight_smile:

Have you read the Chia GitHub Wiki? This is all there.


Thanks for your answer!

Do you mean the logging level set to “info”? Or is there anything i missed? Just red through all of it and this is the only part that sounded like it could answer my question!
I thought “info” will print everything into 1 debug file - just with more information.

Will try this setting as soon as my plotting finishes and im able to restart chia!

Yes, set to INFO.

Logs are in ~/.chia/mainnet/log


Just set my log level to INFO, stopped chia, restarted the server, started chia & plotng and i still have no log files, not even the debug.log (even tho i am plotting rn).

plotng shows the logs in the GUI tho, so they have to be somewhere? Or maded gets them from the CLI only - would appreciate any more ideas.

This plotng tool you’re using appears to work by capturing and processing logs, plotman works the same but has an option to save them.

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Just to double check and to clarify that everything is working correctly:
cd .chia/mainnet/config and configure the config.yalm to change the log_level: __ to log_level: INFO (using uppercase), should be located in line 19 (if using nano, you can use the command nano -l config.yalm to see the line numbers).

Logs should appear in cd .chia/mainnet/log

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Thank you for your reply and help 110!

log_level is set to ‘INFO’ on line 19, i saved the file, i even restarted the machine and then started chia via “. ./activate” and then started “plotng” which starts the plots for me. Still absolutely no logs - not even a debug one. Im not manually starting the node or so, i really just activate the environment and start plotng - is there anything im missing / should start so that it logs?

Do i have to check for logs while in “venv” or out of it? (I did both, neither had logs, but what would be the right way to check for logs?)

The directory is definitely empty, there’s also no hidden files in it. The problem might be something that comes from plotng - i really dont know - as @login-taken mentioned - plotng captures the logs, but doesn’t save them?

Looks like plotng uses a different log directory that I can’t seem to locate in the github repository. However, in the config.json there is a line that looks like it sets the log for plotng "ShowPlotLog": false, maybe set it to "ShowPlotLog": true,?

cd .chia/mainnet/log is where all official logs get stored, like for example farming status.