Linux mint internet connection problem

Z620 has 2 NICS, one AMT port and one normal network port, both can be used.
@CrippleMikeD can you share the output of “lspci | grep Ethernet” command from a terminal window?

you should see something like this:

lspci | grep Ethernet
00:19.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection (Lewisville) (rev 05)
01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82574L Gigabit Network Connection

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I only get the top line and “Ethernet” is in red

so you don’t get any network cards in the output, it seems you don’t have the intel driver (which it should).
I run ubuntu 23.x on my Z620 without any issues, maybe you can try that.

Just asking which version # did you download??

Kind of a dumb question about your installation. How did you make your Mint install USB (exact file name / size / link which you used to download it)?

Maybe before doing anything, you could try to run a Mint Live DVD (if they have such thing), and see whether that would see your network controller / install drivers?

My take is that if Live DVD sees your controllers and can connect to your network, we know that drivers are there, and controllers are properly recognized. Also, the installation will run while there is a network connection, so if needed additional drivers can / will be downloaded.

I am not sure, but at this point it looks to me like you potentially used some minimal ISO version that could not activate those chips (didn’t have proper drivers), and as such was not able to download what is needed during the install.

At the end of the day, Mint is derived from Ubuntu (I think), so it would be hard to explain why the install process was so severely butchered to not install the basics.

It’s the latest version 23.1, installed on a usb. I’ve tried upgrading the files from the live usb no luck. PCIe card should be here soon

Mint is derived from Ubuntu, and every time I’ve installed Mint it’s always via the live USB method.

I’ve always used the Cinnamon Edition.

Which edition did you use?

That’s great. I would run the USB Live once more to see whether it will pick up those network drivers (before running install).

The point I made about Ubuntu → Mint is just to stick with Mint for now, as there are most likely zero differences on the lower level (e.g., networking). Also, Mike run it already few times, so he is getting used to the process.

The Cinamon is just what colors pixels are going to be in GUI, not really how the kernel and all the drivers are selected / built. Still, going with Cinamon for Mike would be preferred, as you could drive him better. (As always, stick by what you know.)

Yea I did that few days ago and said everything is up to date. At this point I’m almost certain it’s the sockets

You mean, the Ethernet cable socket on the mobo?

Yes. Sockets were bad. Installed PCIe Ethernet card and I now have internet! Appreciate everyone’s help!