Linux Mint is working very well

With Ubuntu and my rig, I was rebooting the system quite often as the USB connected drives would all start flashing their internal status LEDs. It’s like status = Duh! Disk drives are now confused.
Very often this behavior was associated with Ubuntu’s update program. With the updates, most often the pending kernel updates popup would trigger this, though not limited to ‘updates’…

So, tried Mint. A month with no error driven reboots? Eureka!
It may have more to do with the rig, but that’s the observation.

Rig= HP Pavillion 590, wireless radio removed, WD SN750’s, CPU=3200G and 16GB, 6 external WD Elements drives on a 7-port Atolla USB hub.

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I originally tried Ubuntu for plotting, but it was a pain, I use RDP to access it and had to enter my password countless times for multiple things.

Switched to Mint and apart from having issues upgrading the Nvidia drivers when Cuda plotting came along its been great.

It’s still Linux so still need to enter password for a load of things, but its far better than Ubuntu.

So a big thumbs up from me as well :+1:

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