Liquidum - Ethereum on Chia PoS


Hey folks, I was frustrated with the lack of good secure pooling solutions, and with the lack of well supported smart contract development tools. So I’m building liquidum, a new Blockchain that uses Ethereum smart contracts and transactions, but uses Chia’s Proof of Space and Time as a consensus engine.

It will support existing Chia plots and existing Ethereum wallets, tools (metamask etc) and solidity code.

I’m looking for feedback and hope to hear if others find this interesting. I’m currently hiring as well so feel free to message me if you’re looking to build a new Blockchain!

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Chia mentions in their documentation:
“Verification is very fast, but not quite fast enough to be verified in solidity on ethereum (something that would enable trustless transfers between chains), since it requires blake3 and chacha8 operations.”

Can you explain why you think you can make it work?

Thanks for the info!

We’re not verifying Chia consensus in Solidity smart contracts.
Instead, we’ve added Chia’s Proof of Space and Time consensus engine into go-ethereum, the Ethereum full node software.

This is a new blockchain that has the same transaction and smart contract format, but is not the same chain as ethereum Mainnet and uses a different consensus engine (Proof of Space and Time instead of PoW of proof of stake).

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Looking forward to some diagrams explaining this :+1:

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Thanks, yeah I’m pretty excited about it. We plan to release a white paper soon.

Roughly speaking, the chain of transaction blocks corresponds to the Ethereum chain. The non-transaction blocks are Ethereum uncles. Like chia, transactions are committed to by the farmer via the foliage signature, but instead of chia transaction data we sign the Ethereum block header (seal hash). The proof of space and vdf proofs are bundled and included in the blocks, with a commitment included as the Ethereum mix digest.


You are proposing to use an altered Ethereum engine to create, build and farm a new blockchain that uses proof of time and space?

Very interesting!

Do you intend to do a pre-mine? Will there be a coin cap?


Funny that your doing that given that we’re planning to make go-chia :smiley:

Totally agree that geth is an improvement over the current node which is why we plan to make a ghia.

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Very cool, happy to collaborate on some of the implementation if you guys are interested. So far we’re reusing the Python code where possible, but ultimately will rewrite in go as well.

I think we’d love to collaborate on a go implementation of the chia node.

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Sounds very interesting… let me know if and when you need someone to shout it on on social media.

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thumbs up, go for it