Little problem about plotting

Hi guys
Couple of days ago I switched from SANDISK SSD to Kingston KC2500 2TB 2000GB NVme M.2 3500/2900 MB/s and it worked pretty good. Now I have some trouble with plotting. 6 parallel plots, three or four are working fine, but 2 of them stop plotting almost instantly (after 1% completion).
Here is the main part of my setup
Ryzen 9 3900x
Ram 32gb dd4 3200mhz
Any advice ?

is this happening every time now, or just happend once?

Yes in last 2 days. I saw somwhere on internet that I need to format SSD, but there is nothing better.

yes it might help. I had some instances where madmax plotter was getting stuck at the very beginning.
After reformat the temp drives, it worked again.
But If you have to keep doing that, then something else might be going on

Thank you, I ll do my best

Probably you need to trim your SSDs more often…?
You should do so at least every hour!

My advice would be to use MadMax for plotting as it saves a lot of time compared to the current official plotter. And if possible, use Linux for plotting. I recommend Ubuntu 21.04 because it boosts Ryzen’s performance from kernel 5.11. Especially, if you have an issue with SSD, you can format your SSD with F2FS because it mounted with hybrid TRIM by default, thus eliminated any TRIM issue.

On Windows, I don’t know much about TRIM. I use it for games only and I have never touch any TRIM setting. It could be that, unlike playing games, using SSD for plotting is taking too much work load on it. Therefore a special maintenance is needed.

How can i format a ssd as f2fs ?

I just installed 21.04, but when i select create partition in gnome disk and select other options, all the options like f2fs are grayed out exept for “swap partition”

For F2FS, you have to install a related package first:

sudo apt install f2fs-tools

For XFS, it’s xfsprogs. btrfs-progs for BTRFS. And so on using the same command.

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