Locating my postings

Does this site support listing your own postings?

I wanted to go back to a reply that I wrote, and could not find a “history” of my postings. I know that I could search for the subject, etc, but I could not remember those details.

Is there a history feature that I am overlooking, or a “Your Postings” button somewhere?

Click your profile pic in upper right then…


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Thank you.

(This sentence is because I got a message that my post must have a minimum of 20 characters)

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Well, instead of typing “thank you”, you can press the :+1: button on the post… saves everyone including yourself a bit of time, doesn’t it? :wink:

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I come from an upbringing where it is a sign of respect and appreciation to not thank someone via a shortcut, in favor of them seeing that you took the time to give them a non-abbreviated thank you. It comes across as genuine and sincere, because it is genuine and sincere.

It is the difference between getting a Hallmark birthday card from someone, vs a custom drawn, hand-made birthday card. The latter is more flattering.

Today’s on-line, acronym obsessed, shortcut addicted world has lost the meaning of going the extra mile, in favor of saving a few keystrokes.

Yes, a thumb’s up conveys the same meaning, while at the same time it does not.

Smileys and thumb’s up buttons have their place, and I use them as I deem appropriate for the situation.

But I believe that a “Thank you” should be spelled out.

Sure! So you have options, if you have more to say.

But not many people want to read filler such as “I am typing 20 characters because I was made to”; those are of limited value. I think you’ll agree that doesn’t add much to the world.

I was amused with my:
(This sentence is because I got a message that my post must have a minimum of 20 characters)

I got a thumb’s up from the user.

He liked it. But your point is taken, as others might have preferred to not go back and read the message.

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