Log file error lines

I have numorous similar lines in my log file. Am I doing something wrong? I have just installed 1.2.0.

2021-07-09T14:57:11.021 full_node chia.rpc.rpc_server     : WARNING  Sending data failed. Exception Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "chia\rpc\rpc_server.py", line 67, in _state_changed
  File "aiohttp\client_ws.py", line 150, in send_str
  File "aiohttp\http_websocket.py", line 687, in send
  File "aiohttp\http_websocket.py", line 643, in _send_frame
  File "aiohttp\http_websocket.py", line 660, in _write
ConnectionResetError: Cannot write to closing transport

Oh cool, a second thread about the same errors?

I have the same errors in my chia log as well as my flax log