Log file message "INFO .... plots were eligible for farming ..." does stop

I got Terminal set up to show me only the log file INFO … plots were eligible … message.
I noticed that this message does stop showing up last time 1.31AM (see image below). It did happen before and I spent time with research but couldn’t fix it.
I then reload under “View” in the GUI and it does start again. You can see in the image at 4:40am this morning I did reload the view. I assume my farm does stop farming at the same time as well or? In the GUI everything looks good, Node is synced, Farm overview in GUI looks good.
I cant see an error or warning in the log around this time. I got a lot of this double spend Warning and consensus error 124. As far as I could see I can ignore this two.
I am farming on a Mac Book Pro with external WD USB drives 1x18TB, 1x16TB, 1x5TB and 1x2TB with my plots on it. Plotting I get done on another MacBook Pro. I only have 20 plots in one folder.
Anyone got an idea why this does stop? Does this mean my Farm does stop farming as well?
Thx for your help.

Is your laptop going to sleep?

I don’t think so. Ive checked the power settings. Last time I was looking at it was around 9.30pm. So it did run for another 4 hours till it stopped at 1:31AM. I also got a little tool running to make sure the drives don’t go to sleep.
Just checked the consensus error 124 still showed up right through the night like 2AM …

I am not super familiar with Mac’s, but I do know they have an energy saver mode that kicks in after a while and does/can turn off the network card/wifi. May want to double check those settings.

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