Long pending transaction

I have a transaction pending for almost 4 hours now.

Fee was 0.001, so that shouldn’t have been a problem.

But log messages (from much later, probably when I tried restarting the node) explicitly tell me it’s not in mempool and my other node doesn’t show it (nor does the block explorer), so at this point I’m assuming it’s just… stuck on my node? As in, it’ll never get recorded, it’s really just sitting around on my node and not going out?

Is this correct? If so, how do I get it off my node, short of emptying ~/.chia/mainnet/db?

Edit: There are a few other people having this problem on Keybase, by the way. (And yes, we’re on 1.1.3, and no, restarting the node doesn’t help :wink:)

Okay, from Keybase:

So apparently, if you have a pending transaction, and upon restarting your node you get a log message about your transaction being “not in mempool”, it hasn’t gone out.

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