Looking at CHIA competition

So digged into coins/tokens that also would be similar more or less to CHIA operandus, eg using older or refurbished hardware/diskspace etc …

Result: CHIA seems to be the best in my case the others are a no go really with the exception of Storj

  • SIA Coin - Requirements low but you need to buy SIA coins to be able to rent HDD space to others and can be penalized for downtime and other stuff, no guarantee on contracts also
  • Filecoin - Hardware requirements to high , + (pro) listed at coinbase
  • Storj - Low requirements but penalized and slowmo overtime payout, Node HDD space limit also I believe

Anyone else checked or tested competitive coins , competitive as in requirements, setup, etc …

From what I understand people are waiting for Space mesh to go on mainnet.

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what’s the promising business model?