Looking for a cable multiplicator terminal

I don’t know the Technical term for it. Hopefully someone here can help out.

Im looking for something simmilar to this, only that I have one terminal on one side and multiple terminals on the other side so that I can cleanly connect multiple wires of varying gauge to one thicker wire:

if possible with screw terminals.

Terminal strip jumper, 8 position - The Electric Brewery
Check this out

Also, not really sure what you are looking for, but search Amazon for “busbar.”

Busbar looks good as well.
I asked some electrical engineers today at work and they told me to look for electrical distribution block.
(in german verteilerbox)
I need it because I assemble my own sata power cables.
I have soldered them together into a y connection but I want to clean up now.

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Take a look at that video - Building a 160TB Chia Coin Farmer on Raspberry Pi 4 - YouTube. Maybe it will give you some ideas.

I have it drafted already.

That was exactly what I had in my mind first but I do not want to have jumped/open wires.
One wire in, 3 out. Keep it as simple as possible.

And I do use internal drives only. I do need to supply 5v as well rather than just 12 volts.

What I am doing is essentially that:

Just that I make my own wire so that the distances / lengths are correct and no fkin molex connector (I hate these things.

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what happened to the left ones, did they burn out?

A lot of the products look very bulky, or are designed for very much higher power.
Solder and heat shrink sleeving is neat and doesn’t take up much space if only for 3-4 wires.