Looking for Chia and Chia Fork ecosystem writers for The Chia Plot

So I have put out calls for help before, and some have answered that call. And I truly appreciate it, as there was no promise or anything for those folks and they have all done an excellent job. This is different though. This time I am offering two part time paid writing positions, amount paid based on traffic. So if you would like to put The Chia Plot on your resume, or if you just want the rest of the community to hear your thoughts now is the time.

What I am looking for is two people that are plugged into the Chia and Chia fork ecosystems to write News articles, Op-Ed’s on big Chia-related topics as well as flush out the How-To Guide section of the site into something comprehensive and useful. The requirements will be simple, about 4 articles a week of 300 words or more focused on matters of interest to the Chia community. The goal here to get to 2 posts a day in order to create regular traffic so Google doesn’t smite me anymore when I get busy.

If you have outside interests, like your own Chia-related project that is fine. You will just be conflicted out of writing about yourself, but you will still be able to pitch your stories to the rest of the team. So people with existing projects are more than welcome.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please reach out and contact me at thechiaplot@gmail.com or on The Chia Plot discord server. You don’t need a masters in journalism, or really any experience just the willingness to write and some insights on the Chia ecosystem.

Interesting. Sounds like something I would like to do, just not smart enough to understand the technicalities of Chia. I just understand how to mine it lol. Good luck on your search.