Looking For: Reliable Plotting Services Outside of the United States

Calling all plotting sellers outside of the United States!

We are getting a lot of visitors and interest from aspiring Chia farmers outside of the United States, and we are looking for trusted partners that we can provide referrals to.

If interested, please reply via PM with a link to your website.

Looking forward to speaking with everybody who is interested in getting some customers without having to do any marketing!


I’m plotting on my personal computer at home and im interested in selling them.
Would i need to set up a website and some kind of cloud storage to transfer the plots or is it you that are buying and reselling them to other customers?

That depends, are you paying in real USDs or fairydust (crypto)?

The world I exist in, one of these is not a negotiable tender, so depending on how you may be paying, you can employ my services in the sub-continent 6 trial plots per day to start and willing to scale with demand…

Your turn, go…

I am a very reasonable businessman willing to extend $1000 in plots (when we agree to a price) delivery before payment. Upon successful transactions, willing to double the line of credit to a max of $10,000 in plots (when we agree to very few terms) as I will increase my production capacity in relation to demand.

P. S. Please act with haste, NVMEs in local markets have started to become scarce… I can front purchase of critical equipment in bulk upon show of relatively marginal promise. Some of the qualities I bring to the table. Thank You.

P. P. S. I will be including a carbon cost to the cost of production (something in carbon offset units I will purchase post successful transactions), an exercise I would encourage others to adopt at sellers end or as a buyers discount… Let’s not forget about the most precious of all commodities, the earth, which we have only one of one…

I am willing to cooperate. If you are interested, please contact: office@plottchia.com

Sell chia plots Only:
https://fast-plotting.com/ starts at $0.49/plot
https://plottair.com/ starts at $0.99/plot
https://plotting.cloud/ starts at $0.55/plot
https://chiafactory.com/ starts at $3.2/plot

The marketplace to buy and sell chia plots:
Chia Plots Marketplace, starts at $0.01/plot
https://anyplots.com/ starts at $0.20/plot