Looking to buy 300TB worth of plots, upload to Dropbox only

Looking for at most $0.10 a plot (about $280 for all/would be just under 2800 plots) can be flexible on price.

Id read your other thread, may want to re evaluate that.

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Hello. I can offer you a capacity of ~50 K32 plots per day (Switzerland, 10Gbps connection, so upload to dropbox shouldn’t be an issue) for $0.10 per plot. Payment via Revolut/Paypal/bank deposit/crypto.

Hi Gladiator. Are you still selling plots?

I offer plotting service for 0.12€/plot.

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interested, still selling?

Hello. Are you interested in the new compressed plots (Gigahorse) or the traditional ones?

Hi cobbo. Yes, my setup is currently available. I prefer to offer compressed plots (Gigahorse) at the moment.