Looking to get 2 other people that have a good network and can plot at least 3-4 TB a day

I have a Dropbox business plan, farming is fair on it. Looking to get others to plot/upload and split the profits between everyone that’s in. I’ve spent weeks working on different scripts to perfection for this.

What kind of profits are we talking about? are you sure, hosting isnt more expensive than the profits?
How do you access the plots in the cloud (without downloading them)?

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If its profitable why not just do it yourself?

If its profitable, why wouldnt the ppl your asking to join you just do it themselves without the risk of needing to trust a stranger?

What is the upside to doing it joinly?
Brcause IMO it needs to outweigh the downside, that being the added risk.

Quickly searched and seen for 3tb ($16.58 per month), this is never going to be worthwhile.
Just buy drives instead, selling storage and farming are two different markets.

Mounting the cloud storage to a pc. Don’t need the storage on the local device if you are using a cloud service as a network drive.

90$ a month on Dropbox for as much data as you need, GDrive has something similar.

Well if no one else want to join, the plan is to do it by myself.

The upside would be instead of it taking 1-3 years to plot a PB if there is more than myself the time could be cut down

I can plot a PB (of K32s) in something like 175 days / 25 weeks / 6 mo … on a single PC (1 ssd & 128Gb memory) using Bladebit Disk. That’s really not that fast as plotters go nowadays. Also there are sites that will plot for you per plot at decent rates if you’re in more of a hurry and don’t want to bother.

Take your great idea and do it yourself! What are you waiting for? Report back results, so Good Luck.

So, if 2 others join you, you plot 1/3 pb each.
You then share the rewards.
Its exactly the same reward as if you just did it by yourself.
Unless of course you plan to be dishonest snd scam ppl.

So no upside at all, but lots of risk.
No thanks…

Tbh, I never even thought about that. I guess my thought was more like splitting the storage space. But that makes sense too

I found
" £18 /user/month

As much space as needed, once purchased • 3+ users"

However, i would advise reading the small print.
If it sounds to good to be true…

Id bet its not truly unlimited with no conditions they would go broke.

I’ve went through all the fine print I could. And all of the TOS. I have noticed that without using peering you get capped at 1MB/s uploaded though

i have to warn you about that. i lost around 500 tb on dropbox. paid account. they deleted my files. they are not allow chia mining but if you still want try ofcourse you free :slight_smile:

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