Looking to sell account with 1159 plots

I’m looking to focus on other things, so I was hoping to sell my Chia account / pneumonic code, which has 1159 plots, along with 4 14TB external drives filled with plots (the rest of the plots could be transferred online).

Unsure on the best price for this sort of thing, so I’m open to offers if anyone would be interested.

You cannot sell Plots you farmed for your own key. You can only sell the Hardware.

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what he said…

now if you want to sell just the hard drives send me a PM

he said mnemonic code too.

where are you from @Dave ?

The problem is, since you cannot change the code, he can access your xch…

You can farm them and just move the XCH right away if you win, while you re-plot for a new key. That’s what I’m offering. It’s a risk but not that big of a deal, especially considering the ETW is a few months anyway.

I mean, you have to have some sort of trust basis, but at least you can farm while you are plotting. That’s worth something. Most of everything is getting re-plotted for pools anyway.

Only problem is transferring plots online takes a million years.

You could just write a script that auto dedects when XCH arrived at the wallet and automatically transfer it to any other wallet in the world. This would take microseconds and the buyer could not protect himself from it. Its the same way (automatic scripts) how scalpers bought all the new graphics cards in the online stores before regular people could even add them to their shopping cart.

With solo farmed OG plots the “farming rewards address” on the farm page of the gui can instantly pay out farming rewards to a cold wallet’s receive address.

However, with poolable plots this might not work if someone else is monitoring that wallet, maybe the script is the way forward.

If you trust the person you are buying from, or can legally reinforce the sale it is doable to sell a complete farm, but with plots being realtively fast and easy to create and being offered as a service for very small amounts now, it might not be worth it.

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This refers to OG plots farming:

There is a method to farm pooled and receive to a cold wallet @ChiaMiner was talking about it yesterday:

Keys management in more detail, though I still am unsure if this refers to poolable plots as well as OG plots.