Looking to squeeze better plotting performance out of i7

Hey everyone, current set up is
Asus Sabretooth x58 mobo
Core i7 9600 @3.3GHz
24 GB ram @ 1.5v 1600MHz
1 TB Sandisk ultra NVME

I’m looking to squeeze better plot times out of this machine…I’m currently taking about 11 hours to finish one plot with a 4.5hr stagger and 3 plots running in parallel. All plotting parameters are stock. I’m wondering what the heck is bottlenecking everything because the write speed on my NVME never really goes above 500 MB per second…
Any ideas How I should try to tweak things before resorting to a hardware upgrade?

My Core i9 9900K, 32GB RAM 3200MHz takes about 9 hours while running 3 to 4 plots parallel.
With your RAM (that 1600MHz), I would be happy with 11 hours for 3 plots running.

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Cool. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything :joy:
Thanks dude