Looking up qualities more then 5 seconds

I use the wallet+harvester mode to run.
Every time the harvester starts, there will be a bunch of scan timeouts, but after the timeout, it will run normally.
Then a few plots occasionally time out every day, and the rest are normal.
What caused this?

The timeout in the screenshot includes the front hard disk of the server and the hard disk of the external hard disk cabinet.
I had always suspected that it was the reason for the power supply, but the hard disk on the front of the server also had a timeout. So the power supply should not be a problem.

Please help me . thanks.

If you are writing plots you can have this happen but it sounds more like there is a good chance your drives are going to sleep.

Turn all USB and HDD settings to high performance and/or never sleep in the OS and in the BIOS.

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What Aspy68 said, with the addition that you can run a script to write a few bytes every 30 seconds to each drive to make sure nothing sleeps.

What @aurelius said @Aspy68 said, with the addition that there are free downloads available to automate keeping your drives from sleeping. I never tired them. But they are there.

If you want to run a job that periodically writes a few bytes to your drives, you can run a batch file that echos a few bytes to each drive, followed by the timeout.exe command (does what the Linux sleep command does), resulting in the time intervals of your choosing.

There is also the Windows (if that is your OS) settings that you should set to not allow your drives to sleep. This does not work for all drive models. But if it does work, it is (in my opinion) the best solution.

Windows also has ways of scheduling jobs, and that is an option. But I prefer the batch script, because if a drive decides to go on vacation, I can see the script waiting on the drive in question.

For Windows it’s this one :

Can’t find another one for linux but you can do it with a cron task.

thank you .
I use hdparm -S 0 in ubuntu.
Is the effect the same as this script?